Skål International Kvarner reveals 'Kvarner's Best Kept Secrets' – 'Feel&Taste'

Based on the Skål International's slogan ‘Doing business among friends’, Skål International Kvarner through program ‘Kvarner's best kept secrets’ organizes for members visits and presentations of the new tourist facilities and products as well as the cultural and natural heritage of Kvarner region.

Thus, Friday, June 11, 2021, was dedicated to getting to know the Opatija hinterland and the ‘Feel&Taste’ project. 

The project was inspired by the cultural and natural heritage and the wine and gastronomic offer. Indigenous products of the Opatija hinterland are more and more included in the local tourist offer and define an integral part of it.

The emphasis of the modern tourist product today is precisely in the experience, in the presentation of what makes a destination unique. That is why this story is designed to provide an authentic, local experience, imbued with the tradition, history, and heritage. In this way, visitors can feel the real life of the local community, taste and buy local products. "We wanted to experience the tourist products of the hinterland of Opatija, to further valorise their enormous wealth in preserving traditional way of life and to give tourists the opportunity to sit with the hosts in their tavern, taste their wine, honey or olive oil and experience an original and authentic experience", said president of Skål International Kvarner, Tamara Černeka.

The participants began their visit to the Učka Nature Park with a Nordic walk. Then they visited the newly opened Visitor Center, which was reconstructed from an old farm building to a modern multi-purpose facility with interpretive, educational and tourist facilities. After the Učka Nature Park, the participants continued to Veprinac where they were greeted by an authentic knight who introduced them to the history of the town which stands for centuries above the Opatija Riviera with tasting wine and traditional cakes.

The day ended on the farm of the Rumac family, known for its award-winning wines, including the gold-crowned Malvasia. There, the skålleagues were greeted by the Vice President of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County, Mr. Vojko Braut, the Mayor of the Town of Opatija Mr. Fernando Kirigin and the Mayor of the City of Rijeka Marko Filipović. With excellent wine and traditional cuisine, a homely atmosphere and the sound of an accordion gathering continued with a good vibe.

The program ‘Kvarner's Best Kept Secrets’ – ‘Feel&Taste’ was co-financed by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the City of Opatija, the City of Rijeka, the Opatija Tourist Board and the Kvarner Tourist Board.

Video of the event