Skål International Kolkata at World Tourism Day 2020

Skål International Kolkata is one of the leading and oldest club of Asia.

All the Skålleagues in spite of such a crucial period still attended the event and it was of a huge success. 

After a long period of coronavirus pandemic finally we, the members of Skål International Kolkata decided to organise a plenary session along with our spouse. On the auspicious occasion of World Tourism Day, Skål International Kolkata organised a Networking Session with Skålleagues on 27th of September 2020 at ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata followed by a delicious brunch. 

The main plenary of our session was to know, explore and learn about the unknown. As our mission is to promote tourism and rural development, we need to work together to achieve our vision benefitting each other mutually, maximize networking opportunities and support a responsible Tourism industry. On the whole it’s a drive to push more memberships and add new Clubs all over India.

There was a wonderful presentation of ITC, one of the luxurious hotel in Kolkata presented by Mr. Anand Nair (Head of Sales & Marketing Manager of ITC). It was followed by sharing some wonderful thoughts and message to keep us motivated in the long run by our ex-president and senior Skålleague Mr Rahman. There were other Skålleagues Mr Manoj Sharaf and Mr Sudhakar Rao as well who shared some optimistic thoughts and inspirations during this crucial time of pandemic to keep us updated and motivated with positive vibes.

Adding feathers to crown was the wonderful encouraging words shared by our President of Skål International club Mr Sanjeev Mehra.

The most interesting was the culinary session organized by culinary expert Mr Gaurav Kumar Mathur – an experienced chef of ITC, Kolkata. This event was specially designed for the food-lovers to explore the art of cooking some delicious cuisines. 

Then in the end we had an introductory session and welcoming the new members with our Skål International pins, who became a part of our Skål International Kolkata’s family.  

The event was of a huge success and followed by the luscious, moreish brunch of around seventy different cuisines prepared by chef and his team at ITC, Kolkata. The programme started at 10:30 and continued till 4:30 in the evening.

The programme concluded with a positive outlook to deal with the pandemic situation and looking forward for our next event to meet our Skålleagues.